Training Coordination Service


Your learning department has been working incredibly hard on a large-scale training rollout. The program involves delivery to several company locations in multiple time zones. You have a learning management system to feed data into throughout the deployment along with shipping physical materials to the participants in advance. On top of all of that, you are running under a tight budget and time frame with little wiggle room for error – and your team is burned out from the program development! Where do you turn for execution?

Allow us to introduce the role of a contracted training coordinator. TrainingPros consultants that specialize in these roles are ready to expertly handle your large-scale program’s implementation needs. TrainingPros’ training coordination service can manage all aspects of your organization’s training programs. This service relieves the burden on your training delivery team and supports the direct learning efforts. These experts have extensive experience in managing all of the critical logistical and administrative details that training departments require.

Learn more about our training coordination service and other services on the TrainingPros website. As a leader in the industry, we are eager to help you find the right talent for your organization’s L&D needs. If you’re looking for consulting opportunities, register on the TrainingPros talent portal.

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