Success Assessment


Our mission at TrainingPros is to provide our clients with the best possible learning and development talent. We also know it’s critical to place our consultants in the roles best suited to their skill sets and work requirements. We want to keep our talent pool stable, consistent, challenged and loyal to our clients. Our relationship managers do their research to understand project needs, company culture and work style, and the technical skills that are required.

TrainingPros has been dedicated to those priority missions spanning three decades. And our success rate for placements is extremely high. But laurel resting has never been our forte, and we recently implemented a new tool to close the gap even more to ensure the best possible working relationships between our clients and our consultants.

Earlier this year, we deployed a proprietary personality trait survey called the “Success Assessment.” The results of the assessment are used to improve the fit between our clients and our consultants. In addition to making sure that we match the right technical skills, TrainingPros will have higher confidence that complementary work styles are being matched.

Our Success Assessment measures how high or low each participant scores over five classic personality traits – poise, agreeableness, extraversion, conscientiousness, and openness. We seek to avoid obvious personality clashes in work style and to provide coaching tips to both parties to ensure strong working relationships between our clients and consultants resulting in better experiences for both parties and, ultimately, the successful delivery of our clients’ learning programs. We are grateful to our clients and consultants for your support in this endeavor, and we look forward to sharing our success stories with you in posts coming soon.

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