Outsourcing Instructional Design


An instructional designer (ID) creates and develops learning materials for corporate training purposes, serving all learning formats ranging from in-person training to eLearning and everything in between. Here are three benefits to outsourcing your next instructional design project.

Instructional designers are experts in what they do. IDs have extensive experience in creating learning resources for companies within various industries for a wide-ranging audience. With exposure to multiple learning environments, IDs are skilled in selecting the best approach (typically either within the ADDIE or ISD methodologies) for creating learning content within a given setting.

Instructional designers bring a new perspective to the learning table. While subject matter experts (SMEs) may be great resources for a specific learning topic, IDs help transform knowledge into meaningful learning materials for employees. They help eliminate unnecessary burden on the SMEs to create learning materials, instead allowing the SMEs to remain focused on day-to-day responsibilities. The IDs’ knowledge and perspective together add a unique dimension to the training process when generating new material for learners.

Instructional designers are known for the exceptional learning resources they compile for organizations. Their mastery lies in staying current with the latest tools and methodologies in order to create outstanding content to effectively support the organization’s training objectives. Regularly developing learning resources for a range of organizations pushes them to stay on top of their game. At TrainingPros, our IDs have work with many Fortune 1000 companies and are required to know the latest software tools and applications.

Learn more about TrainingPros’ instructional design services on our website. If you are an instructional designer looking for your next project, check out our list of contract opportunities on the TrainingPros talent portal. See our Learning Highlights blog for more learning & development content or events.

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