Off-the-Shelf Training


The trends in training have been moving away from instructor-led, classroom programs that are developed for a broad audience. Most commercial organization today deploy the majority of their training in eLearning modules that are brief and highly customized. Significant investments are made for on-the-job and just-in-time learning that suits our global and rapidly changing work environments.

So why would TrainingPros continue to offer off-the-shelf training programs? Because these courses give companies of various sizes the solution they may need for a particular need. And the biggest need that gets filled is budgetary. TrainingPros’ course catalog has instructor-led training that is proven, high quality, and ready to deploy right away from entry level to management to leadership ranks. And because they are consistently produced and delivered, the per person and course cost is very low.

TrainingPros vets every course offered by our consultants through its president and relationship managers. The topics run the gamut: customer focus, communication skills, leadership development, motivating others, interpersonal relationships & self-management, attracting & managing a diverse workforce, leading & managing change, and leading teams. More details on curricula, course length, class sizes, and target participants can be found on each course description. See something you want to bring to your sites? Contact a TrainingPros relationship manager for a quote and scheduling.

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