#MakeTimeForLearning: Inspiring a Culture of Learning

Pamay Bassey's #MakeTimeForLearning campaign for Learning Leaders

For learning leaders everywhere, one of the biggest challenges is how to engage employees in meaningful and ongoing learning. In other words how to #MakeTimeForLearning.

Creating a culture of learning starts at the top by implementing strategies that incorporate development opportunities that create meaningful and impactful change in employee performance. TrainingPros hosted a webinar in June highlighting how one learning leader inspired a global initiative to do just this.

Pamay Bassey is the Chief Learning Officer of the Kraft Heinz Company, and after joining the company, she set out on a one-woman crusade to model how to commit to regular learning practice. We are all facing complicated times and, in this webinar, Pamay discusses how learning plays a critical part in navigating our way through it. But in this time-starved world of work getting employees to carve out critical time to learn is a challenge.

#MakeTimeForLearning Becomes a Movement

At Kraft Heinz, their global learning function is called their Ownerversity because they want employees to feel like they “own” their career. When Bassey launched her #LearnLikeAnOwner and #MakeTimeForLearning campaign, she was determined to show others throughout the company that incorporating learning into your daily routine is not only possible, but critical to creating a culture of continuous learning, bold creativity, and intellectual curiosity.

Pamay Bassey Uses Ketchapp To Help Learning Leaders #Maketimeforlearning

Pamay committed to 365 days of learning and posted about her experiences in their internal knowledge sharing tool called the KetchApp (clever huh?) so others could witness her efforts. She invited others to join her by encouraging them to read the same article and discuss it or take the same course with her and share their thoughts. And she referenced the amount of time daily she was spending on learning – many times it was less than 5 minutes.

For the first 100 days, she was alone in her efforts. Then, one follower from the UK joined her. And little by little the #MakeTimeForLearning movement caught on, and more and more employees globally started to join her in her efforts. Employees have even signed pledges to show publicly how they plan to commit to ongoing learning.

In the webinar, #LearnLikeAnOwner: Inspire Employees to #MakeTimeForLearning, she shares her journey and the impact it had a Kraft-Heinz and provides tips for how others can adopt the same ideas in their own companies.

How will you #MakeTimeForLearning? Would you like a consultant to help your organization design a program like this? Schedule a consultation today to find that ideal fit for your business needs. Call us at 866.659.7767 Extension 1.

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