3 Important Benefits Of Social Learning

What is social learning and why should you consider this form of learning? Social learning is the process of learning from others and is considered one of the earliest methods of learning. Here are three important benefits of social learning for today’s corporate learners:

Ease in access of information

Social learning makes it easy to access training materials at the point of need. Access to information through mobile phones and other portable devices has made learning simple for learners. Encourage instant and continuous learning when learners need it. Social learners can leverage the convenience to retrieve information by utilizing online materials and communicating with peers.

Learning from your peers

How can you learn from your peers? One of the greatest benefits of social learning is the ability to learn the positive and negatives from a wider group of experienced individuals. Being able to gain knowledge through peers can help learners appreciate varied experiences and perspectives. This can lead to opportunities for learning through collaboration with peers and learning groups.

Learning at your convenience

Limited time can make scheduled learning challenging. Incorporating learning at the point of need is necessary. Access to online information allows learning to happen anytime and anywhere. This makes it easier to master the skill faster.

Organizations are using social learning in multiple ways that may be formal and informal. Learning through YouTube videos, Twitter chats, and water cooler conversations are some examples of informal social learning. Company intranets, LinkedIn group discussions, and Wikipedia may serve as more formal approaches to social learning. Social learning provides learning opportunities where interaction and learning are mostly informal.


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