Preparing for the Future Workforce

TrainingPros recently offered the webinar “College Students Today Are Your Learners Tomorrow. Are You Ready For Their Expectations?” presented by Diane Gayeski Ph.D., Dean at Ithaca College. Here’s a short summary of the presentation.

The overall profile and needs of college students today are changing. The physical and emotional pressure on learners are tremendous compared to just a few years ago. In many institutions, more students are requesting flexibility with special accommodations such as frequent breaks, trigger warnings, non-mandatory public presentations, extra time during testing, and others.

Moreover, students are experiencing additional pressure to excel in school while juggling multiple jobs and extra responsibilities. The number of people with special requirements, learning disabilities, and anxiety disorders are growing and slowly becoming more common in society. So how can organizations prepare to assist these individuals and their unique needs?

With rapid retirement and many high schoolers deciding not to attend college, organizations will need to be inclusive. “We can’t afford not to be inclusive,” Diane said. “First of all, it’s the right thing to be able to offer the right kind of learning opportunities that are equal and inclusive for all members of our society who can participate. But from a business perspective, we can’t afford not to be inclusive.”

Companies need to take these special requirements into consideration to properly support these students – our future employees. It is important to understand Gen Z and their evolving needs in order to adequately prepare for their entry into the workforce.

Take a few minutes to view Diane’s webinar presentation to better comprehend the needs of current learners and gain insight on how organizations can accommodate these requirements. We hope you enjoyed reading our blog. If you’d like to learn more about TrainingPros and what we do, visit our TrainingPros website. When learning leaders have more projects than they have people, TrainingPros can provide the right L&D consultants so they can start their projects with confidence.

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