True Organization Development

Is Organization Development the same as Human Resources? Some organizations view both OD and HR as a single entity, classifying OD as a subset of HR. So, what’s the difference between OD and HR? Let’s define the two terms and the key responsibilities for each one. According to Wikipedia, “Organization development (OD) is defined as the study of successful organizational change and performance.” It incorporates the environment within an organization and its influence on their employees.

On the other hand, “Human resources is defined as the people who make up the workforce of an organization.” The role of an HR lead mainly revolves around the labor force which includes recruiting, onboarding and related activities. Although OD and HR are often coupled together, their purposes are distinct. While HR oversees employees, OD goes beyond to evaluate the core values, policies, and ideal structures and teams within a company. What are your views on OD and HR? How are they similar or different within your organization?

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