The Future Of L&D Is Here Now!


After many years and much press, it looks like artificial intelligence has finally made a real debut, and the corporate training and learning development world is beginning to feel its effects. Startups and funding are in abundance, and businesses are taking note, including those within the training and learning world. This advent has ushered in new learning models along with terminology such as adaptive, personalized, bite-sized, and anytime learning to name a few. What are we to make of it all?

To start, we must realize that with these new challenges will also come new opportunities. This is nothing to fear. Learning organizations will seek out and look to experts for advice on which models work best, which new tools to use, which methodologies to employ, and which produce the best outcomes. The convergence of the incoming Millennial workforce in conjunction with the Legacy workforce has driven innovative technologies, methodologies and ideas, so this also will require that learning professionals become proficient in meeting the needs of both audiences.

In my next blog, I will begin a series on artificial intelligence in learning by first defining some of the new learning models and their terms in more detail. I will then address some of the methodologies that early adopters in educational and learning organizations use and address some of the strengths and weaknesses of each. Lastly, I will share some use cases and statistics to support the ever-present future of learning.

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