Learning Innovations For Younger Generations


Technology and social media have become an integral aspect of our daily life. Facebook, for instance, started out as a simple platform, where friends could exchange short messages and pictures. Today, the site boasts over 2 million members. Various other platforms along with Facebook have brought about drastic changes that directly affect not only the way we communicate, but also the way young talents are trained and taught in the workplace.

Saving time and money via new training formats are added bonuses to today’s organizations. An undeniable fact about the century we live in is that it is fast-paced and technology-oriented. The astounding digital improvements that have taken place in recent years have even made it possible to design customized training programs that can be distributed globally within split seconds. This innovative method can save thousands, if not millions of dollars. Besides being budget-friendly, the 21st century technology also enables young trainees to save time and energy by avoiding travel to various training spots as they can conduct their intern program online from the comfort of their home office.

Furthermore, online collaborative platforms also offer college students and graduates accessible ways to engage in learning sessions and discussions with their professors and trainers. Some of these platforms are also designed for professionals in the business industry to enable efficient co-operation and the development of innovative training materials.

In addition, changes in communication delivery offer new ways to announce changes to corporate structures. Growth is a process that every business hopes to experience. However, growth also entails the notion of change and various new requirements that need to be announced to all employees. Big corporations may have to carry out this task on a daily basis, as more and more changes are put into motion.

In the article “How Social Media Affects HR| 2017 Guide”, the author shares that companies using Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn find that they are some of the most popular and easy-to-use platforms. They enable the swift announcement of ongoing advancements in a business and allow employees to be addressed in groups, as well as individually within seconds. Furthermore, these platforms have also contributed to the elimination of rumors in the workplace as employees are directly addressed by their authority. Q&A sessions are also a paramount part of the implementation of new systems and policies, and social networks serve as a convenient platform for that.

Last but not least, social media platforms are advancing more nimble and effective manager and employee interactions. One of the greatest disadvantages of the traditional annual or biannual review process is that it is a time-consuming and meticulous task which usually fails to truly portray employee performance. With instant notifications, tweets, and IMs, however, the manager-employee interaction (as well as employee monitoring) can dramatically improve as managers can easily provide adequate feedback with a click of a button. This in turn expedites the company’s growth and improves daily work performance.

Many cutting-edge companies have embraced the fact that implementation of innovative training and learning formats is necessary in order to stay in the fast lane and achieve success.

TrainingPros thanks contributor Jackie Edwards for this blog post, and we look forward to additional pieces from Jackie’s writing collections in the future.

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