5 Ways to Improve Your Oracle Training

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At TrainingPros, we know that you want to feel confident in your enterprise resource planning (ERP) software training and be sure that it’s the best it can be. Here are five easy ways to ensure your next Oracle training is successful:

  1. Improve access to training: Improving access to your company’s Oracle training is key, especially with the Great Migration of 2020 from offices to homes. Consider converting your high-usage courses from instructor-led to virtual instructor-led training.
  2. Develop job aids: Creating quick reference guides with screenshots and shortcuts can provide just-in-time assistance for users and help with troubleshooting issues they may be having with Oracle. Putting tools at their fingertips and cut down on calls to the Help Desk and increase efficiencies for the system and productivity for the employees.
  3. Get users engaged: If the Oracle training has been written assuming too much on behalf of the end-users, they won’t be successful with the program when they go back to work. One of the best ways to evaluate your Oracle training and identify gaps is to check in with users after they’ve gone back to work and are actually using the system.
  4. Keep it bite-sized An eight-hour class with 20 modules is not a recipe for success. Always look for ways to streamline your training. Participants will be more successful with classes that have smaller sections and shorter run times.
  5. Communicate, communicate, communicate: Use your company’s existing communication channels to share successes and connect the Oracle training to the company’s goals. Celebrate successes at the department or business unit level, and loop in the C-suite so executives can see how investing in training is making a difference for the company.

If this list of tips has inspired you to take a look at your company’s ERP training program, TrainingPros’ ERP Training Services consultants can help. When you become a TrainingPros annual Oracle subscriber, here’s what we’ll do for you:

  1. We assess your current training.
  2. We build customized training materials.
  3. We validate the training.

Schedule an assessment of your ERP training today so you can stop wasting time and start providing up-to-date Oracle training to your employees.

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