Gilbane’s Learning Successes

In a recent TrainingPros Learning Insights Radio show, I arranged for special guest Kevin Clancy with Gilbane Building Company to share many of Gilbane’s learning successes with Business Radio X co-hosts Lee Kantor and Stone Payton. The entirety of this TrainingPros virtual radio show can be heard on our SoundCloud channel, but I invite you to check out the highlights in my blog post.

In terms of credibility, Gilbane is enjoying a fourteenth straight year with recognition in Training Magazine’s Top 125. This construction management company also pushed ahead 14 spots to break into the coveted top 25 of the training luminaries. Their Gilbane University is widely supported by all levels of management as their branded learning & development function, and we were able to hear and read about their programs.

The hallmark of Gilbane University is its ability to touch every employee in the way most meaningful to their job function. Gilbane has a 30-hour minimum requirement each year for professional development for everyone – yes, that’s almost one full work week each year at a minimum. The training received spans from safety to compliance to leadership development to global selling.

Another best practice is how integrated Gilbane University and Gilbane’s human resources function are and how they work together on succession planning. This 145-year-old company is continually grooming the leaders of tomorrow and looking for innovative ways to develop their people. In the very hot construction industry, there’s a lot of career movement, and Gilbane prides itself on keeping the doors open for returning talent as well.

A notable point that struck me is how well Gilbane recognizes the need to deliver training for its international growth as well as keeping current within the U.S. Kevin Clancy and his talented team study the nuances around the domestic regions to ensure that learning and development are appropriately delivered in the Southeast then changed up to be well received in the Midwest and so on. TrainingPros and I are very grateful to learn about Gilbane’s learning successes and we hope to bring you future shows on the latest in cutting-edge training.