EdTech Information in the “Now” Age


Business training and learning is a multi-billion dollar market, with mobile training seeing double-digit growth in recent times. This upward trend in mobile training is expected to continue moving forward. Why? We have evolved to the “Now” Age. Yes, we’re still in the Information Age, but we have come to expect information to always be at our fingertips—from anywhere at any time. Here’s how EdTech information is making. a difference in the “Now” age.

Currently, the largest area of mobile training is in the viewing of content. To keep pace with today’s anywhere-anytime world, many EdTech information has simply concentrated on making content available to consume on mobile devices. However, we are seeing that most of this training development and delivery solutions continue to be Web first—mobile training is often viewed as just one more screen for the consumption of the same content. It is my belief that the future of training development and delivery is in a mobile-first world.

Observing the way people are using technology today, I see the mobile learning approach to be predominant in the long run. It allows us to leverage all the amazing advancements in mobile technology, as well as daily increases in mobile tech competency among mainstream users. EdTech information is developed for the “Now” generation as handheld “super devices” that have become the norm. Today’s mobile devices can capture and share every type of media, are typical with us all the time, and can always be connected. Users that expect information “Now” are increasingly frustrated whenever they find it isn’t available from the device already in their hands.

While the big trend in EdTech until now has been to consume content from a mobile device, new platforms like LearnBolt are going one step further with a quick and easy solution for not only consuming but creating and delivering training on mobile devices. LearnBolt’s mobile, the cloud-based solution empowers users to easily curate and collect instructional and support content from anywhere, then quickly organize their ideas using custom Learn Path templates. The moment a Learn Path is created, you can share it instantly to one or thousands of learners—from anywhere you have a mobile connection.

Businesses of all sizes need to be nimble to keep pace with today’s fast-paced world and “Now” generation. Robust training systems have traditionally been out of reach for small businesses, and even large organizations increasingly find it cumbersome to overcome inertia and push out just-in-time training. I envision training as a more dynamic, in-the-moment process and plan to lead this trend as this new breed of training solution unfolds. The goal is to empower businesses with a quick and easy solution to sustain quality and consistency in their products and services. More than ever, knowledge management, sharing, and agile training delivery are the key to business success. Onward!

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