Artificial Intelligence at Filtered

Marc Zao-Sanders from Boston was interviewed on the Learning Insights Radio show to talk about his company Filtered and their efforts in artificial Intelligence. In addition to sharing more about his company Filtered, Marc drilled down into some of their learning & development tools and techniques. TrainingPros’ entire virtual radio show can be heard on our SoundCloud channel, but I invite you to check out the highlights in my blog post.

Filtered’s sweet spot is using artificial intelligence (AI) to strip down to only what each current learner needs to focus on – all the extraneous material gets filtered out so that only the most salient points are covered. The algorithms and technology are not unlike what consumers experience in social media ads today, but in the learning & development world, this is still very cutting edge. Only the most progressive organizations are latching on at present, but these applications will become more commonplace.

Zao-Sanders shared a few of his best practices and recommendations for companies that want to deploy AI in training efforts. First and foremost, a company has to have both the people and data perspectives well in hand. By people, the culture has to support AI and embrace its use from the top down. By data, the company has to have rich enough data sources to feed the training algorithms for the learners.

Another recommendation is to ensure that the AI technology is built for good baseline and evolving metrics and that it can easily adapt to learners as THEY adapt. And companies should know that AI can be wide-ranging in the time it takes to deploy. Some solutions can be set up very quickly in a few weeks, but those that have to address a great deal of diversity or multiple sites could take quite a long time.

TrainingPros is grateful to Marc Zao-Sanders for representing both Filtered’s solutions and giving us a taste of how sophisticated and catered learning programs can be.