10 Resume Blunders That Will Likely Get You Ignored

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No, the traditional resume is not dead. As a freelancer or independent consultant, your resume is the key to getting noticed by staffing firms and hiring managers.

For recruiters and potential employers, looking at an overview of your experience is a way to quickly identify the candidates they are most interested in evaluating. Unfortunately, staffing agencies are flooded with candidate resumes just like yours every day.

To stand out, take the time to understand how to properly highlight your unique experience as a consultant. Then, ensure the final document is clear, concise, and free of common mistakes that will turn off anyone taking the time to review it.

In this edition of Insider Training, resume whisperer, career coach, and TrainingPros Talent Ambassador, Nicole Darby, shares ten of the most common resume turnoffs for hiring managers and recruiters.

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Speaker: Nicole Darby, TrainingPros Talent Ambassador

We actually called our relationship managers to find out what their common turn-offs were, and you're going to be maybe…you might not be surprised to find out what they said.

Let's take a look at some of those common turnoffs.

10 Common Resume Turnoffs

This is step number one, guys. First thing I want you to do when you leave here today. Raise your right hand, repeat after me – I, state your name, promise to get my resume out, and take all of these things off of my resume…today.

Because we're going to check for misspellings, we're going to check for archaic email accounts. I’m not telling you to get rid of or retire your AOL account, so relax. I’m not telling you to do that, but I am telling you to retire it from your resume; that I am telling you to do.

Any MindSpring accounts out there? Hotmail? The idea here is you want to create an ageless look and feel to your resume. That way, you won't ever have to worry about remaining competitive. Okay, got it, all right, the moral of the story.

There is one other good one here that I want to point out to you. It is terminology inconsistencies. We have to know how to spell the basics, right? Kirkpatrick, instructor-led, e-learning, those are our bread and butter. We have to know we've got to get them right on the resume.

And then another one that is an automatic elimination for us, and those are things like grammatical errors, okay? Most of us are technical writers. These are things that we're getting hired to do. We have to get them right on the resume.

And then last but not least, it's 2022. If you do not have a link to your work samples on the resume, that is going to decrease your chances for the gig. I’m just telling you, it is a thousand percent true, and you're going to hear it more times than not.

The moral of the story is you got to have a link to your portfolios on there.

Remember, the relationship managers and the recruiters, especially here at TrainingPros, we're looking at your resumes first because we're trying to pitch you to the client.

So if we're not seeing your portfolio and your work samples, how are we going to sell you to the client?

Nicole Darby

Nicole Darby

Nicole is a serious introvert who knows how to extrovert as needed but needs ample time regrouping by watching foreign films (she loves anything with a subtitle) and playing the “old-school” arcade game Galaga. Happy Places: any tropical beach, time with her son, and helping women/youth actualize their dreams.
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