Convert your Flash eLearning to HTML5

flash to html5

For nearly a quarter of a century, developers have been creating Flash based content. Today this tool is nearing its retirement. On December 31st, Flash will need to be replaced with interactive HTML5 content. As we near that looming end date, you may be feeling the stress of how to handle your last-minute eLearning conversion projects.

Running out of time and need a quick fix?

Here are some options for evaluating your existing Flash eLearning courses and picking the quickest right solution.

  • Essential low interaction Flash courses: Consider recording your eLearning courses as a video output and publishing for your LMS as a quick fix option. This is a low-tech, quick hit solution that will give you the time to go back later and update and then rebuild using HTML5.
  • Business critical Interactive Flash courses: You will need to extract the assets from your Flash and rebuild the eLearning courses using an HTML5 authoring tool. If you don’t have a team that can start right now, you will want to consider getting help from an outside company like TrainingPros.
  • Flash courses slated for update: If the size of your catalog is manageable, you may still have time to consider rebuilding your existing eLearning courses with an HTML5 authoring tool. However, your team will need to be laser focused on the timeline and make sure SMEs hit the deadline. Consider using the quick fix option above for now to give you time to be a little less strict on the timeline.

As time runs shorter, consider calling TrainingPros for help! We can provide experts in the field to record your courses to a video output and publish them to SCORM. We can even add a knowledge check to maintain your compliance tracking requirements.

Then, after we have helped you achieve your goal of Flash to HTML5 conversion before the deadline, we will work with you on your 2021 plan to revisit your catalog and rebuild your 5-star courses. Our award-winning content creation team is waiting for your call!

When learning leaders have more projects than they have people, TrainingPros can provide the right L&D consultants so they can start their projects with confidence. For more information, visit the TrainingPros website or call 866-659-7767, today.

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