Project Management Video Series: Planning Phase


TrainingPros is teaming with Young Resource Group to bring you a series of short videos on project management. Gordon Young shares several helpful tips to assist you in effectively managing your project through Planning & Scheduling.

The ultimate goal of every project is to successfully meet the needs of its stakeholders. However, the lack of planning undermines the requirements of a project and can cost the company valuable time and money. Planning and scheduling of a project are vital steps to ensure that tasks are fulfilled and delivered in a timely manner.

In this video, Gordon recommends initiating each project by explicitly defining the requirements. He shares three essential aspects that fall under the planning phase, which are the deliverables, schedule, and budget. Teamwork also plays a major role in the success of a project. This includes working with the team to identify key tasks and setting reachable goals – and resolving conflict well before the team forges ahead.

We are grateful that clients find our TrainingPros project management services and resources helpful in delivering the right learning solutions to their markets. Thank you for watching our video and reading our blog. Share ideas on how your organization was able to successfully complete projects through planning and scheduling. We’d love to hear from you, please leave a comment below!

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