The Power of the Virtual Producer

Think back to a time when you were facilitating a virtual classroom or webinar for a group of twenty or more participants. You’ve spent hours preparing, you’ve worked through all the pesky technical issues that came up in the first few minutes, and you are just getting going on the topic. Then . . . your internet goes out!! The course stops, everyone is kicked out, the recording is interrupted, and you know you’re about to waste more precious minutes getting everyone back on and technically onboarded.

If you’d had a virtual producer when this happened, the virtual producer would be keeping the meeting “up” while you get connected to your phone, external modem, or your neighbor’s WIFI. The producer could even be prepared to keep the meeting moving forward and allow you to elegantly rejoin. That’s one of the more extreme reasons for having a vILT (virtual instructor led training) producer, but not the only one.

Some common roles for virtual producers include:

  • Technical support for the participants
  • Launching polls – collecting the feedback
  • Monitoring questions and chat from the participants – and communicating to the facilitator when warranted
  • Muting microphones on participants with loud background noise
  • Helping that stray participant that didn’t download the manual
  • Recording the event (particularly helpful for events with breaks)
  • “Planting” ideal questions or responses with the participants
  • Training new facilitators on the programs
  • Acting as a backup facilitator

The real overall role for the video producer is to ensure a worry-free event where the facilitator can focus on his or her job instead of the technology.

Would you like a vILT producer for your virtual classroom curriculum? We have the producers you need in our talent pool. Schedule a consultation today to find that ideal fit for your business needs. Call us at 866.659.7767 Extension 1.

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