Interview Success for Instructional Design Consultants


As a learning leader or instructional design consultant, do you struggle with sharing all of your accomplishments during a training job interview? Does it make you feel like you are breaking social standards by bragging? Or are you the type of person that looks for opportunities to tell others about all of your successes? If you identify with either of these, you might find some helpful tips in a recent article written by TrainingPros (Nashville) Relationship Manager, Ty Wheeler. In this article, Ty suggests three steps to follow when preparing to share your success in the learning and development field, in your next training job interview.

Step 1 – Learn about the job role

Whether you are an instructional design consultant or a salaried learning leader, your first step is to gather as much information as possible about the job for which you are interviewing.

Step 2 – Compare your skills to the job requirements

Come prepared to show a correlation between each aspect of the training project or job with examples of your experiences and training success.

Step 3 – Offer evidence

This is where your portfolio will shine! If you are a consultant with TrainingPros, your relationship manager will work with you to prepare for your client interviews each time you have a training project opportunity. We are in this for your success!

We invite you to read the full article, “The Art of the Humblebrag: Effective Interview Tips” on the Women’s Business Daily website. And, if you’re a learning & development consultant looking for your next project, visit the TrainingPros website to learn how we can support your success.

When learning leaders have more projects than they have people, TrainingPros can provide the right L&D consultants so they can start their projects with confidence. For more information, visit the TrainingPros website or call 866-659-7767, today.

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